..Easy start a answering service right now. And easy how VoIP solves identifying your clients.too!

MASTAR supporting the telephone answering service industry, startups, other apps, all driven, reliable engine ..since 1986/


Are you interested in starting a new business?  Here’s a good starting point.  Or maybe running a business, thinking of managing others On-calls?   We can show you starting for free  ..let’s talk!

We specialize in new business startup and support, such as setting up an answering service, an inbound call center, or maybe an outbound telephone marketing business…for next to nothing!

FileMaker is the driving force for all of the MASTAR applications and is the integrity of the entire MASTAR operation. FileMaker ensures a reliable product that will not let you down and is known worldwide as one of the best rapid application development tools in the world. We follow the FileMaker rule to establish and run multiple operator workstations.

MASTAR has been developing and supporting the TAS industry and several applications over the years. We can help many small business startups, by using several of many applications.  Hope we can help you.  We look more forward to meeting you, getting acquainted what you want.

Free startup   -Show nTell-

This is a self-installing WinZip. Takes install about takes 15 minutes, Afterwards, the KisStar application auto starts the Main Screen .. we been doing this same years this way. Play around, .. next step, call us, its meant this way, you need some help, lets talk, show you around, enable more switches.

Other Rod Minarik, MASTAR,  FileMaker developed supported  applications found EugeneStar link

  • byDriverTrac for managing drivers and vehicles in transportation-related industries
  • TanStar for managing certain membership management structures
  • ccStar for medical patient, doctor and sales management in the cannabis industry
  • DoogieStar is for wash groom Day-care business managing memberships, reservations and more
  • e’Star Tours our newer application, derived from ‘byDriverTrac, is intended to run a tour business

We hope to meet any requirements, expectations.  MASTAR can customize any application to suit your needs.






If you can identify and answer your clients incoming call on any telephone system,  then  operators only need to enter  account#,  using our KisStar app, we can do the rest.  Optional those VoIP providers supporting REST for connectivity.

So do you want to start an answering service?   … then we got to talk.  MASTAR has helped startups since 1986.  if this is the kind of business for you,  this is a good starting point, growing into the business for less.

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mcRemoteAgents is a CMR application developed to assist business owners develop their business, working Excel data worksheets. Additionally manages multi-agents, administrators. operators working their own data setting out-calls,  call-backs color marking data as agents proceed working these worksheets through sales.

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