MASTAR  KisStar Applications


Telephone Answering Services ...and Startup Businesses


This is a standalone message management and the outbound delivery of messages to most any device, email, text, fax, pagers etc.  We think our KisStar application does everything.. and we’re here to assist, configure, support you along your way.  Actually only standalone. 


Additionally,  this app makes connection to VoIP, using the REST.api technology,  providing VoIP provider offering REST support.  Our standalone application, still, works with any Telephone Front-end answering or VoIP system if you can answer your callers calls, identify your VoIP calls, then basically KisStar can do the rest.


Anyone can do this today.. since VoIP
Great for certain people
The starting price is right
Includes  2 years our support too

Free to start,
then $500 to commit

Install our complete demo running messaging system in 15 minutes
Play with it, get involved, we'll help you
spend $500 for our $1500  single-user system version to us about balance

This be step by step with our help
Get going, get familiar, get clients, get going clients!

If more than 1 KisStar work staion?
muliti version  available too
its about 3 times the price!


Watch this video, introduce myself, the installation

Here's a more resent video  -one of many on YouTube


The install is simple
   ..this KisStar App Demo willcome up running in about 5 minutes

Our install, using a self installing WinZip process,
to installed new C:\MASTAR folder
and NOT
through your operating system

TO REMOVE, just delete MASTAR folder


First download our 80 MB file 153 files
PS.. 3 files belong to KisStar remainder are FileMaker Runtime files

Save above link to Desktop, to your hard drive Download Folder – not smart phones or tablet

Start by Downloading,

..find DL install file,

click executing it,

Our KisStar_Demo2018 is a executable file 
it is a self installing process
Again- Not through your windows operating system


You have option to maybe even install to a memory stick
Just Runs Slower!!

The install is automatic, will come up running 

The app begins at the Main Screen..
then enter to accounts by several ways.

Displays A Blank Message to the Office
by default
and/or allows operator to select Client by name
..amongst other functions


use to further custom, configure building your system

user    123
password   123

Try testing using account#   MAST


To restart this app... we need to create shortcut to your desktop
c:\mastar\kisstar/kisstar.exe the only application file




I have about 26 video's
...going back each, each could be of interest explaining a process or special situation, including
3 REST.api videos, message formatting etc
..   or

Install  - either version free used for sharing, training support etc

your remote supporting operators answering using VOIP

BTW you can easily answer from anywhere,,  


This version puts you into the program
You still need help

Additionally, our KisStar Admin Password 
will come later after you look round, install app,
so you can add accounts, set up email,
  we want to show you more


aka, rodmastar let me help you..
..lets get acquainted

Rod Minarik

developer owner 30+ years 


(541) 606-9272


Eugene Oregon