This extensive 420 ccStar application was developed around California’s Medical Cannabis industry having six various versions.

Our first intention and expertise were to create a call center for all dispensaries during their off hours in California. We continued developing this application having several startup and configurable versions.  We are also open to source code and special programming to fit your needs.

The 420ccStar application:

  • Does everything as a desktop application
  • Manages patient accounts and doctors’ documents
  • Provides inventory options
  • Allows supplier consignment
  • Has an inventory library
  • Allows bar coding, label printing and gram scale options
  • Generates membership cards
  • Provides listings through an information database matching volunteers and delivery drivers to patients’ interests
  • Handles dispatch and set up of delivery service
  • Uses various point of sale software options
  • Is an evolving application for a changing industry

The ccStar application employs BizPro, a proven Point of Sale (POS) system. Like all MASTAR applications, this is a desktop application and has remote options following the same FileMaker rules. Additionally, we have created our own POS module never beta.tested yet.

Pricing…ccStar is without the BizPro Point of Sale module, OEM from another Filemaker partner expertise

PRICING:  $1500 for a single user, depending on some options; It’s $4000 for 2 users; then additional $350 each for users 3-5, after that, then you’re considering available server options.

To start, we first get acquainted, we show you around the application… ask a $500 commitment to proceed the process, then we’ll send you the downloadable application,  start configuring your version and do some online meeting via Join.Me training.

We don’t just sell you some software application and disappear, we’re here for you, to hold your hand, supporting your efforts understanding our applications, even adding functions, additionally we have other talents as well.

Payment terms is available upon request. Call us today!

Contact Mastar for any question or comments about our products.

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