Do you like chatting on the phone? If the answer is yes, then stop looking for a job and start a business instead.

Introducing… kisStar

A Message Taking System that delivers to devices: Emails, Texts, Fax, Pagers. KisStar does just about everything to run your answering service business. It has an option to connect to specific VoIP providers, which adds several benefits.

Download our complete kisStar Demo, this a self-installing WinZip setup application, You’ll get 2 years support –  friendly developer owner TAS startups 30+ years step 1.


  • Inbound & Outbound
  • Text
  • Email
  • Fax & Paging
  • On-Call
  • Invoicing
  • Alarm Scheduling
  • Account Calendars
  • Message Templates
  • Batch Active Messages
  • And more…

What is kisStar?

Our kisStar application is a stand-alone application for setting up a new or existing answering service business, taking and delivering messages to various devices including:

• Email addresses
• Fax machines
• Cell phone texts
• Alpha and digital pagers

Our kisStar application does just about everything you need today to run an answering service business including:

• Inbound call answering
• Outbound marketing
• On-call/after hours messaging
• Monthly service invoicing
• Alarm scheduling
• Account calendar scheduling
• Employs message templates
• Sends grouped selected messages

With the option of connecting up to specific VoIP*

…certain supporting providers, then kisStar provides several additional benefits!!

• Get the incoming caller’s identity and pop up that account
• Use a hosted VoIP provider to dial clients’ phone numbers
• View the VoIP providers with a caller-agent queue

*VoIP is a category of hardware and software that enables people to use the Internet as their telephone company rather than the traditional use of the local telephone company.

Operators answering calls …simply need to learn three screens using our software shown below:

• The Main Screen
• The Account Screen
• The Message Screen

Depending on your call answering process, you would be set up one of two ways. One way would require entering a 4- or 5-digit account number. The other would require a specific VoIP provider giving us **REST connectivity.

**Representational State Transfer (REST) is an application programming interface (API) and is a relatively new set of routines, protocols and tools from the VoIP provider. These routines allow VoIP and MASTAR connectivity.

Optionally, to we can add  our mcRemoteAgent, app or outbound telephone marketing:app for $500

To start, we first like getting acquainted, show you around the application.  We don’t just sell you some software application and disappear, we’re here for you, to hold your hand, supporting your efforts understanding our applications, even adding functions.

Contact us if you have any question or comment about kisStar Answering Service Application

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