tanStarLogo500TanStar is another simple Contact Management Record (CMR) foundation application developed to help manage any tanning bed business.

In Addition, this same software foundation switches by a single configuration to manage memberships for our  DoogieStar, a dog, wash, groom and day care application.

We designed such a program for a local tanning salon client, creating a client membership program. TanStar captured the details of individual tanning needs (e.g. how many minutes per session, tanning settings, how many remaining minutes or time left on their pre-purchased cards, etc.). For promotional purposes, we set up a way to farm former clients with special offers. The TanStar application currently has the ability to handle tanning programs by the minute or by the month.

TanStar is another MASTAR FileMaker application to consider for other kinds of membership management businesses: for example, dog grooming or people management of virtually every sort. This application can further evolve to customize according to your business needs.

PRICING: $500 single user; $1500 for 2 users; additional $350 each for 3-5 users

We don’t just sell you some software application and disappear, we’re here for you, to hold your hand, supporting your efforts understanding our applications, additionally we have other talents as well.

To start, we first get acquainted, we show you around the application… ask a $200 commitment to proceed the process, then we’ll send you the full application download, start configuring your version and do some Desktop sharing (Join.Me) training.

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