Think of mCRemoteAgents as a Contact Management Record (CMR)

... for telephone outbound telemarketing of sales and services. 

To add, manipulate records from a appended Excel list.

This application was designed, still in process...

.. for flexibility, color coding, marking up and marketing the status and results of agent efforts for a sales process. This is a more efficient tool and a better-organized process than marking up using Excel spreadsheets!

mCRemoteAgents application is easily customized and allows you to market just about anything. 

It has the ability to:

• Color-code to indicate contact interest status

• Timestamp all events

• Provide instant date-to-date reports

• Set calendar events for return calls (call-backs)

• Send and email documents and brochures

• Use multiple database CMR files

The mcRemoteAgents application has the ability to manage an unlimited number of operators, agent administrators, managers and their sales efforts. Because mcRemoteAgent uses FileMaker, it employs the same basic principles as other configuring MASTAR applications. This application offers some

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PRICE:  $1500 single user, ONLY $500 if included with KisStar


 depending on some options;   It’s $4000 for 2 users; then additional $350 each for users 3-5, after that, then consider available server options

Optionally, add  kisStar our inbound telephone answering service app for $1000.00

To start, we first get acquainted, we show you around the application… ask a $500 commitment to proceed the process, then we’ll send you the full application download, start configuring your version and do some Desktop sharing (Join.Me) training.

We don’t just sell you some software application and disappear, we’re here for you, to hold your hand, supporting your efforts understanding our applications, even adding functions, additionally we have other talents as well.

Payment terms?  call Mastar.